Frequent Questions

How do you charge?

The standard method used to calculate the fees charged is to record time in 6 minute increments. Standard hourly rates are assigned to staff based on experience and expertise. These rates are applied to the time assigned to each client's account and form the basis for our final fee.

As clients are often uncertain how much time their work is likely to require, we provide upfront estimates for the completion of agreed scopes of work. Should we find that the scope of work changes, or a job is larger or more complex than originally anticipated, we advise our clients early to ensure there are no surprises.

What happens if the assessment I get from the Tax Office differs from your estimate?

As a rule, if your Notice of Assessment differs to the tax estimate we provided, we look into the situation - contacting the Tax Office for an explanation if necessary - and provide you with a letter or phone call explaining the variance. Common causes of variances include: enforced child support or tax debt repayments, adjustments made due to audit or investigation and the inclusion of omitted income.

What is the likelihood I’ll be audited?

The Tax Office's data matching programs and analytical procedures are incredibly sophisticated and the likelihood of having your affairs reviewed or audited is on the increase.

A review or audit usually involves looking at your tax affairs to ensure the information you have given the Tax Office is accurate and that you have complied with your tax obligations. Some taxpayers have their returns audited without their knowledge, upon lodgement of their tax return. Others will receive a letter from the Tax Office advising them they have omitted income and that their assessment will be amended, or the ATO may request further information before making a decision.

In most cases, providing the Tax Office with the information they request is enough to satisfy their curiosity. Provided you have substantiation for your claims and have declared all the income you have earned each year, the risk you will be penalised by the Tax Office for an error or omission is low.

What happens if I owe money to the Tax Office?

If you owe tax or are finding it difficult to pay your tax bill on time, it is important to contact the Tax Office early. We can liaise with the Tax Office on your behalf and organise a payment arrangement to help you clear your debt without incurring penalties.

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