Caucasian man dressed in white shirt and dark tie sitting at a desk and stapling documents together

Stapled Super

On the 1st of November 2021, the Australian Taxation Office implemented a new regime affecting superannuation funds, called Single Default Account or “Stapling”. What this means is that now everyone with a superannuation fund will have had one “stapled” to them, which will follow them around when they change employers, reducing the likelihood that additional and…

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Woman sitting at desk in front of open laptop. A message on the screen warns of an email scam

Scam Warning

In a November 2020 newsletter, we wrote extensively about some of the various scams doing the rounds and offered suggestions for ways in which everyone could protect themselves from financial harm. The subject has recently popped up on our radar again, unfortunately, as an associate recently came close to being defrauded. It was only as a result…

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Man and woman sitting at a desk with an open laptop in front of them. They look stressed.


With the festive season fast approaching, scam activity is on the rise. Here are a few common ones doing the rounds and how you can keep yourself safe. Hello? This is the ATO… People are receiving calls from fraudsters claiming to be from the Australian Taxation Office, stating that they have not paid enough tax…

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